Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Twice in One Day?!

It's gettin' crazzzzzy up in here!

I worked out twice yesterday. Well, metaphorically speaking. No, literally. But the degree of intensity was not quite the same.

It was a lovely day, so when I got home from school, I packed the baby in the stroller, latched the harness on the dog, and went for a walk. While I did get sweaty, I think it was more from the heat. I took the mini-hill, which is better than flat but not as scary as the INTENSE hill (which I won't brave with the dog and the baby at the same time).

Then I made a deliciously healthy dinner of spinach-smothered grilled chicken, with green beans and mushrooms on the side. Yumyumyum.

Then, since he stayed home from playing basketball, my husband joined me in doing the Cardio Max dvd. For some weird reason, I work harder when I hear him panting behind me. We were both dripping sweat. It actually felt great.l

But today, I am tired because the baby had restless sleep (teeth coming in, I think). And we worked out late, so I had trouble falling asleep. Need to start trying to do it right when the baby goes to bed at 730, so that I can get those post-workout endorphins out of my system by bedtime.

My piece of crap scale didn't move this morning, but I can feel my muscles have been working hard. So I guess I will hold off before I declare salads and workouts as POINTLESS.

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