Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Twice in One Day?!

It's gettin' crazzzzzy up in here!

I worked out twice yesterday. Well, metaphorically speaking. No, literally. But the degree of intensity was not quite the same.

It was a lovely day, so when I got home from school, I packed the baby in the stroller, latched the harness on the dog, and went for a walk. While I did get sweaty, I think it was more from the heat. I took the mini-hill, which is better than flat but not as scary as the INTENSE hill (which I won't brave with the dog and the baby at the same time).

Then I made a deliciously healthy dinner of spinach-smothered grilled chicken, with green beans and mushrooms on the side. Yumyumyum.

Then, since he stayed home from playing basketball, my husband joined me in doing the Cardio Max dvd. For some weird reason, I work harder when I hear him panting behind me. We were both dripping sweat. It actually felt great.l

But today, I am tired because the baby had restless sleep (teeth coming in, I think). And we worked out late, so I had trouble falling asleep. Need to start trying to do it right when the baby goes to bed at 730, so that I can get those post-workout endorphins out of my system by bedtime.

My piece of crap scale didn't move this morning, but I can feel my muscles have been working hard. So I guess I will hold off before I declare salads and workouts as POINTLESS.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Ah, the sweet smell of failure in the morning.

Well, I failed this weekend. One week in, and already failing. FAn-freaking-tastic.

It's really hard for us to eat well on the weekends, because we are out doing things.

Friday night, we went to BJs with coworkers and had drinks and apps. So for dinner, I just had a sandwich.

Saturday, we were out and about, so we had McDonalds. And a slurpee.

Sunday, we had a great dinner (broccoli and beef) but we got Coldstone. WHY?!

But I am back on track this morning. I packed a salad (Buffalo chicken with avocado). I am making some kind of chicken for dinner with brussel sprouts. I made healthy snacks and will make more soon.

I also pledge to walk or do my DVD tonight.


Friday, April 13, 2012

The Meal Plan.

I have been a meal planner for quite some time. It is basically just evidence of my OCD. I like to have a plan. Also, we are trying to keep to a reasonable budget to save for a house, and meal planning keeps me on track at the grocery store.

My husband and I have made a mutual resolution to eat healthier. Not just for ourselves and our weight, but to be the best possible models for our beautiful baby girl. She needs to see us eating healthy so that she thinks its the norm. If we are doing so much work to keep sugar away from her, avoid juices, etc, we should be demonstrating the same habits.

So, for next week, I have a myriad of decently healthy meals planned. The biggest push is for lunches. We eat a lot of carbs at lunch. Instead of that, we are both going to try and eat more salads and load them up with protein.

This week's breakfasts:
For me, steel cut oatmeal (breastmilk supply woes!)
For husband, hopefully egg cups if we get around to making them.

This week's lunches:
Salads with chicken or tuna and veggies
Yogurt for me
Veggies and hummous

This week's dinners:
Fish (whatever is on sale) and green beans
Mongolian beef over brown rice
Honey garlic pork chops and grilled zucchini
Cheesy crockpot chicken and broccoli

This week's snacks:
German chocolate fudge bites
Yogurt dipped blueberries
Dark chocolate and cranberry bark

It continues.

Well, I managed to work out again last night, taking Wednesday off. I was so sore. The Biggest Loser dvd is full of lunges, and lunges hurt my formerly broken knee.

But I did do it. With much cussing and argument.

I got sweaty, I got cranky about it, but eventually it ended. And I had a big glass of cold water and took a marvelous shower.

I was hoping to go on a long walk today, but alas, it is raining. So instead, I will shop, and hope to do the dvd again tonight. I am also going to start doing my 10 minute solutions Pilates dvd, as well as spending some time with the ancient weight machine in our HOA's teeny tiny gym.

They also have a bike, but it is the kind that isn't electrically powered. So it's hard. So maybe in the future, I can get there. By June 7th, when school ends, I am hoping to be in better shape to start C25K.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day One.

Well, despite my absolute hatred for the act, I worked out yesterday.

I have myself a little copy of "The Biggest Loser: Cardio Max." While I have never watched the show, I knew that it would be a good workout for me, as I despise cardio and like to get it done as quickly as possible.

The workout is tough. It involves a lot of lunges, which hurt my knees. But I also sweat like a pig, so I know it's worth it.

So I turned on my dvd player, added the 5 minute warm up, 20 minute level one, and 5 minute cool down.

Then I proceeded to cuss out the tv for the 20 minutes of level one. My husband, bless his heart, cheered me on from the couch whenever I would reach maximum anger. And I got through it.

I may have followed the "easiest" example for many of the moves, but I did them. And I got sweaty.

Will I do it again today? We can only hope so.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Confessions of a chubster.

Hello world. Isha here.
Today, I am turning over a new leaf. Today, I start a journey. Today, I use a million cliches to do something I should have done a while ago.


In 2006, I moved to California upon graduation from college. At the time, I weighed 125 lbs. (My husband would say it was too thin, and I would agree.)

In 2008, I got married. I weighed 165 lbs. 40 lbs. In 2 years.

In 2011, I had a baby. After her delivery, I returned to my pre-pregnancy weight of 180lbs.

And that is where I stand today. 180 lbs. A minimum of 20lbs over the recommended BMI. 30 lbs over my ideal goal of 150.

For the past 8 months, I have focused all of my energy into breastfeeding my precious baby girl. After the first attempt to work out, around 5 months post birth, my supply dipped. So I stopped. Breastfeeding was priority one.

And while it remains as such, I can no longer sit by and live with myself this way. I have to make a change. I am surrounded by fabulous motivation, and I will USE it to do this.

I love chocolate. And sugar. And soda. So this won't be easy.

But God Willing, it will be worth it. So here we go.