Friday, April 13, 2012

The Meal Plan.

I have been a meal planner for quite some time. It is basically just evidence of my OCD. I like to have a plan. Also, we are trying to keep to a reasonable budget to save for a house, and meal planning keeps me on track at the grocery store.

My husband and I have made a mutual resolution to eat healthier. Not just for ourselves and our weight, but to be the best possible models for our beautiful baby girl. She needs to see us eating healthy so that she thinks its the norm. If we are doing so much work to keep sugar away from her, avoid juices, etc, we should be demonstrating the same habits.

So, for next week, I have a myriad of decently healthy meals planned. The biggest push is for lunches. We eat a lot of carbs at lunch. Instead of that, we are both going to try and eat more salads and load them up with protein.

This week's breakfasts:
For me, steel cut oatmeal (breastmilk supply woes!)
For husband, hopefully egg cups if we get around to making them.

This week's lunches:
Salads with chicken or tuna and veggies
Yogurt for me
Veggies and hummous

This week's dinners:
Fish (whatever is on sale) and green beans
Mongolian beef over brown rice
Honey garlic pork chops and grilled zucchini
Cheesy crockpot chicken and broccoli

This week's snacks:
German chocolate fudge bites
Yogurt dipped blueberries
Dark chocolate and cranberry bark

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