Monday, April 16, 2012

Ah, the sweet smell of failure in the morning.

Well, I failed this weekend. One week in, and already failing. FAn-freaking-tastic.

It's really hard for us to eat well on the weekends, because we are out doing things.

Friday night, we went to BJs with coworkers and had drinks and apps. So for dinner, I just had a sandwich.

Saturday, we were out and about, so we had McDonalds. And a slurpee.

Sunday, we had a great dinner (broccoli and beef) but we got Coldstone. WHY?!

But I am back on track this morning. I packed a salad (Buffalo chicken with avocado). I am making some kind of chicken for dinner with brussel sprouts. I made healthy snacks and will make more soon.

I also pledge to walk or do my DVD tonight.


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