Friday, April 13, 2012

It continues.

Well, I managed to work out again last night, taking Wednesday off. I was so sore. The Biggest Loser dvd is full of lunges, and lunges hurt my formerly broken knee.

But I did do it. With much cussing and argument.

I got sweaty, I got cranky about it, but eventually it ended. And I had a big glass of cold water and took a marvelous shower.

I was hoping to go on a long walk today, but alas, it is raining. So instead, I will shop, and hope to do the dvd again tonight. I am also going to start doing my 10 minute solutions Pilates dvd, as well as spending some time with the ancient weight machine in our HOA's teeny tiny gym.

They also have a bike, but it is the kind that isn't electrically powered. So it's hard. So maybe in the future, I can get there. By June 7th, when school ends, I am hoping to be in better shape to start C25K.

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